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I am an electronics & telecommunication engineer from Mumbai unversity.After my completion of engineering,


I got an opportunity to work with big telecos like Vodafone India, Reliance & Tata Tele Services to handle various management functions.


This continued for 22 years.


Later I was hired by one of the multinational company based in Canada. Best part of the company was they allowed me to work from home.


It was an international exposure and I use to travel across globe for the project deployment and consultant.


While in India, I was finding enough time so I got myself engaged with one of the small scale manufacturing industry and took the challenge...


I had a passion of teaching & coaching right from the beginning of my career but never got an opportunity to explore my abilities and talents.


Working with small scale industries around 9 years, I noticed many challenges faced by the business owners and realized that this Small Scale Industry is much unorganized.


Here I decided to explore my coaching skill and decided to start business consultancy for SME's.


I closely observed how top corporates work as I was working with them.


Why are they massively successful & why did they get success in  business?


I was hunting & searching for the answer.


Finally I got an AHA moment and realized that these successful people use their "Mind Power & Principles of Success" to become successful along with all other qualities.


I got all the elements and completed the puzzle. I decided to develop Mind Power area along with business skill and got training 


From all world class leader like Jack Canfield who is America's No.1 success coach, spent lac's of rupees to achieve Excellency in this area of my life.


Finally with the knowledge I gained from all world class leader and 


I have designed our signature programme “Unlimited Power of Mind “ which helps them to unleash their highest potential through the use of mind power tools &techniques, which in turn helps them live happier, healthier and more successful lives.


They instantly experienced change in people’s life within 30 days.


Therefore I have decided to share my programme with 10 Million people by 2030.

This is my MISSION.


Mr.Subhash Wangde is India’s successful business & mind coach and certified mind trainer and conducts workshops and seminars for business people, sales people, housewives, students, professionals and senior citizens.

  • An Electronic & Telecommunication engineer from Mumbai University.

  • 22 years of management experience in corporate companies like Vodafone, Reliance Infocomm, and Tata Teleservices has made him instrumental for upward growing graph of company.

  • Last 9 years of experience in handling, managing and leading various small & medium scale industries.

  • Wide range of experience on international level in areas like telecom consulting, Operations, Project management, Service delivery, and resource management.

  • He is creating the same zeal in upcoming generations of entrepreneurs. Training being his soul and technology his expertise, and implementation is in his veins

  • Learned business concepts from world leading success coaches.

  • Trained by Jack Canfield on success principles, Americas No.1 success coach, Mind Power and Law of attraction.